•  Tenants: The shopping center includes Stop & Shop, Petco, Bob Stores, and Planet Fitness.

•  Location: It’s situated approximately 5 miles away from downtown Hartford, CT, which is a convenient distance for residents and commuters. Planet Fitness is #2 out of 6 locations for store visits within 10 miles. *

Traffic: The center is located on U.S Highway 5, a major retail hub, with an estimated 37,100 cars passing through the intersection each day.

Demographics: The area has an attractive demographic profile, with an average household income of $95,858 within a 5-mile radius. Additionally, there’s a sizable population of 215,580 people in the vicinity.

Available Spaces: There are four spaces available, including one occupied by Bob Stores on a month-to-month lease. The 11,684 sq. ft space was previously utilized as an urgent care facility and is now available for immediate occupancy for other medical purposes.

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